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2015 HONOURS STUDENT ORIENTATION WILL BE HELD ON MONDAY 16 FEBRUARY, 10.00 - 11.30am, Ewing Lecture Theatre, 5th Floor, Clinical Sciences Building, Royal Melbourne Hospital.

HONOURS AND MASTER OF BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE PROGRAM 2015: Find your 2015 project at the Melbourne Academic Centre, Royal Melbourne Hospital. The Honours and Master Program combines projects from the Univesity of Melbourne, Departments of Medicine, Psychiatry, Surgery, Radiology, and Obstetrics & Gynaecology RWH, along with other affiliated institutions. This cluster of departments and affiliated institutes offers a diverse range of projects for the 2015 Program. See attached project list handbook and the Department of Medicine (RMH) Honours website for further details on available projects. For further queries please contact Dr Chris French

Read why our Honours and Master of Science (BHS) students chose their reasearch projects.

Congratulations to Dr. Bruce Campbell who has been awarded the 2013 Chancellor's Prize Award in the Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences grouping for his PhD thesis entitled: 'Acute Stroke Imaging: Predicting Response to Therapy'.